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Custom Catering Weddings

We facilitate delicious and life is delicious in all senses of the word!!

We are here to delight you with the most glorious foods for your most special days…the once in a lifetime affair, the milestones, the wedding celebrations, the elaborate, and sometimes just because it’s Tuesday.  Orleans Bistro & Grillis made of a team of intensely dedicated, detail-oriented, talented individuals.  

Our strengths complement each other giving us justthe right balance of grit and poise.


We love working with clients that are open to collaborating.

 We understand trends but don’t feel compelled to follow them.

 Instead, we’d rather craft menus and designs that are unique to you.  Orleans Bistro & Grill understands that these are the events that will forever be carved in your memory and we’re invested in making your heart sing!


We’re often out in the field, literally….and sometimes on the side of a cliff, in an alleyway,

in a garage, you name it! 

Orleans Bistro & Grill can adapt and find smart solutions for even the most remote and challenging event sites.  We thrive on creating custom experiences, from corporate events to weddings.


We’re here to cultivate visions into life, so dream big!  If we sound like people you’d like to work with, let’s talk, this could be the beginning of a delicious relationship!

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