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November at Orleans Bistro & Grill

Our October Harlem Nights Event

Community Outreach

The Kapana Project

The Kapana Project is Orleans Bistro & Grills way that we serve our Senior Citizen community. Kapana Carrington-Jones is one of the older sisters to Tisha Johnson- Crump owner of Orleans Bistro & Grill. Kapana started at a young age as a CNA at a nursing home in Toledo Ohio. Kapana fell in love with this community of senior citizens over the years and decided she had found her calling. At the young age of 45 Kapana returned to school and became a nurse to advance her capabilities and knowledge to have a larger impact in her field of work. At 60 years young, she is still working her gift and providing a level of care to her patients that has everyone asking, who is that lady.

She is an inspiration to many and a jewel to those who is cared for by her. Nurses are so often overlooked for their hard work and dedication to their patients. The Kapana Project seeks ways to support, assist, feed and empower our Senior Citizen community while spreading the gift of love and compassion. If you would like to participate with the Kapana Project please notify us and let’s ignite our Senior Citizen community!

The Madeline Project

The Madeline Project is Orleans Bistro & Grills way to provide little girls a baby doll for the holidays. Madeline Maxwell-Carrington was the Mother of Tisha Johnson-Crump, Owner of Orleans Bistro & Grill. Growing up Tisha remembers on Christmas day she would arrive at the Christmas tree to find a beautiful little doll awaiting her to love on. This was both warming to the heart and soul for Tisha. Having a doll of my own was a treat I looked forward to every year. The Madeline Project goal is to distribute 100 dolls to little girls for the Holidays. If you would like to donate a doll simply drop off a doll November 1st thru December 22nd and we will distribute these dolls to local shelters, hospitals and hotels where we can find little girls in need.

Bourbon Street Friends

Join Us the Last Monday of Every Month for Our Book Club Dinner and Discussion

from 7pm-8pm. Owner Tisha John will prepare a delicious free dinner for the Book Club as members discuss the book. Possible Author signings based on availability.

Book of the Month Club November: The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls


An account of growing up nomadic, starry-eyed, and dirt poor in the ’60s and ’70s, by gossip journalist Walls (Dish, 2000).

From her first memory, of catching fire while boiling hotdogs by herself in the trailer park her family was passing through, to her last glimpse of her mother, picking through a New York City Dumpster, Walls’s detached, direct, and unflinching account of her rags-to-riches life proves a troubling ride. Her parents, Rex Walls, from the poor mining town of Welch, West Virginia, and Rose Mary, a well-educated artist from Phoenix, love a good adventure and usually don’t take into account the care of the children who keep arriving—Lori, Jeannette, Brian, and Maureen—leaving them largely to fend for themselves.

For entrepreneur and drinker Rex, “Doing the skedaddle” means getting out of town fast, pursued by creditors. Rex is a dreamer, and someday his gold-digging tool (the Prospector), or, better, his ingenious ideas for energy-efficiency, will fund the building of his desert dream house, the Glass Castle. But moving from Las Vegas to San Francisco to Nevada and back to rock-bottom Welch provides a precarious existence for the kids—on-and-off schooling, living with exposed wiring and no heat or plumbing, having little or nothing to eat.

Protesting their paranoia toward authority and their insistence on “true values” for their children (“What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger,” chirps Mom), these parents have some dubious nurturing practices, such as teaching the children to con and shoplift. The deprivations do sharpen the wits of the children—leading to the family’s collective escape to New York City, where they all make good, even the parents, who are content to live homeless. The author’s tell-it-like-it-was memoir is moving because it’s unsentimental; she neither demonizes nor idealizes her parents, and there remains an admirable libertarian quality about them, though it justifiably elicits the children’s exasperation and disgust. Walls’s journalistic bare-bones style makes for a chilling, wrenching, incredible testimony of childhood neglect.

A pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps, thoroughly American story.

BSF Wine Club

· Order wine directly from our Wine Store (opening soon)

· Ship anywhere in the United States

· Customer must sign for packages

· All Wine will be delivered within 3- 5 business days via Fed Ex


Sunday Brunch/ NFL Ticket

Come out and join your Bistro family for Sunday Brunch 11am-3pm and enjoy $10 Bottomless Mimosas and Bottomless Bloody Mary’s. The best Shrimp n Grits and Chicken n Waffles.

Monday Karaoke, Coworkers and Cocktails 6pm -9pm

Grab your coworkers and come down to The Bistro and enjoy $5 select apps and happy hour until 8pm.

Tuesday Juke Box Tuesday for Charity!

All proceeds from the Jukebox will go to our charity of the month. Catfish Special $9.99 1 piece catfish, 1 side and 1 piece of mouthwatering cornbread

Wine Down Wednesday with DJ Manny

7pm-10pm. Enjoy $12 bottles of wines all day long. Keep in mind $1 of your wine purchase is donated to the charity of the month.

Thursday Mix and Mingle Karaoke with DJ KEV 7pm-10pm

Singles, Singles, Singles, Come out and lets have a party with DJ Kev and enjoy some great company and fun times as we Mix and Mingle to the groove.

Friday Enjoy Orleans After Dark with DJ Superman

8pm- 12 Midnight

Every Friday we dim the lights and enjoy the music of DJ Superman as he throws an original old school, new jam, R&B party. This is truly for the Grown and Mature audience.

Saturday Karaoke with DJ Syren

8pm – 12 Midnight

Come out and join the town party. If you have ever seen the TV Show “Cheers” this is what happens on Saturdays. Funniest karaoke party in town with all the people you know. It’s that one day where we let our hair down and just enjoy each other’s company. So don’t let Saturday miss you it’s a really great time!

Thank you to RL Summers Photography! Harlem Nights Karaoke Halloween was a success.


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