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A Hurricane Is Hitting Orleans Bistro!

Now that we grabbed your attention, have you ever heard of a Hurricane?

It's one of the most iconic, delicious, and flavorful New Orleans drinks. Here at our little taste of New Orleans we tend to jazz things up a bit more with our own blends of flavors.

Do you know how the Hurricane became so popular?

At Pat O'Briens bar in the 1940's they came up with this strong rum fulled drink because a rum company made him over buy their product and it's called a hurricane because of the lamp shaped glass it's made in. This drink is a blend of rum, passion fruit, and orange juices with just a splash of grenadine. Many restaurants play with this recipe to have their own special twists and turns on your taste buds but ours at Orleans Bistro & Grill will take you flying off of your chair!

Make sure to try it for yourself on your next visit!


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