Gospel/Christian Karaoke

Gospel/Christian Karaoke 
Hosted By: Jameka Terri

Join us as we kick off Gospel/Christian Karaoke.  Every First Sunday through September in the dining room of Orleans Bistro & Grill we will have local talent sharing their gifts of music.  


Please feel free to bring your own music. Invite your church members, friends and family.  It will be a time to remember.  As a courtesy to everyone attending we have a few rules:

1. Song limit 5 min.
2. One song per turn no consecutive songs even if the spirit falls. 
3. Groups are welcome
4. Have Fun! BE Blessed and be a blessing to those in attendance!

This is our first time so be patient with us as we bring you something NEW.  

**We will offer a Dinner Special during Gospel/Christian Karaoke.**